Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, Woodstock

I started a new hobby shortly after moving into the neighborhood in 2011. My house is 5 years older than I am; so I wanted to find out more about the people who lived here before me. I spent some time at the Municipal Center deeds library and at the Central Library on Virginia Beach Blvd., all in an attempt to discover who built the house, when, and what the neighborhood was like at that time. I got so involved with the project that I couldn't stop at 1964 -- I ended up tracking the deed history of my little plot of land back to the 1850's, when it was part of Level Green Plantation.

Land Survey of Woodstock, 1877

Once I reached the end of the deed line for my little piece of real estate, I decided to branch out and research the rest of the neighborhood. I built a sort of "family tree" that documented the growth of Woodstock from woodland to farmland to neighborhood; and I am now at a point in my research where I need your help!

I created this blog for two reasons: (1) to publish my research and share it with anyone else who might be interested, and (2) to make contact with neighbors who have been here for awhile and ask for old pictures! If you are reading this blog right now, and you either have old pictures or know someone who does, please e-mail me at garockey@gmail.com. I am looking specifically for pictures of things that aren't here anymore: old houses, farmland ... photos that illustrate where the neighborhood came from. If you have them, you probably haven't looked at them in years; and there is at least one neighbor (and probably more than one) who would love to see them.

The hobby continues, so I hope to add more posts about the history of Woodstock over the coming months and years. Check back periodically if you are interested in this sort of thing.


Happy New Year,

Garrett Rockey



  1. I love your blog. Great job. It is a shame you never got to talk to Perry Knight. He and Mrs. Knight lived on Walker Rd, where all the new houses are going up. Mrs Knight lived here as a girl. I remember her talking about taking a ferry from here to Norfolk
    We live on Sterling Rd


    1. Thanks for the comment. That house got demolished just a few months after we moved here. I was bummed. I never knew the Knights, but I have heard rumors about the ferry. I haven't been able to confirm the ferry service in any of my research, but a USGS survey map from 1948 strongly implies a water connection between Woodstock and Newtown road.

      I recently sent a letter to the grandson of Pete and Lizzie Walker, who owned all of the land along what is now Sterling Road. He lives over in Kings Grant. I hope he writes back and allows an interview -- it would be great to get some old photos of your area from the 1940's.

  2. I too live in Woodstock on Sterling Road. My husband and I have been here since 1994. I'd like to make a correction to Susann's comment. The gentleman that lived on Walker was Perry Kight, not Knight. I believe he has a son living on Sterling Road but I'm not sure where or if he still lives here. Ed Usowski who lived on Woodstock Road and used to be president of the civic league when I moved here would have had many answers to your questions but he passed away a couple years ago. I wish you well in your quest and will continue to check back to see your progress.